Are you subscribed to The Nest Egg?

The NestEgg is a fantastic free resource that we’ve received in the GRIN office for some time now and strongly recommend.

NestEgg articles are always well written, informative and entertaining. It’s one of the resources we receive that we can confidently say puts the fun into funding!

Caroline and Tony run LarkOwl and are experts in all things income generation for charities, especially, trusts, major gifts and commercial income.

The Nest Egg is their superb weekly newsletter, designed for anyone wishing to supercharge income generation for their good cause. 

Every Tuesday, they share an article which is both fun and informative and is often full of practical tips. 

Caroline and Tony are looking to grow their audience of fundraisers – please sign up and spread the word!

You can sign up to The Nest Egg today using this LINK (scroll down to the foot of the page).