Applications now open from schools in any country for the 2020 School Enterprise Challenge (application deadline 20 November 2020)

Applications are now open for the 2020 School Enterprise Challenge to support teachers and students to set up a real business at their school, it is a free educational programme that teaches business and life skills.

The School Enterprise Challenge is run by the educational charity Teach A Man To Fish. Applications can be made from schools in any country, including the United Kingdom.

For the purposes of the School Enterprise Challenge, a School Business:

o Is a real business that is owned by the school and is staffed, operated and managed by students with the support of their teacher.
o Teaches essential skills and creates young entrepreneurs.
o Is sustainable, growing year on year, and
o Generates real profits for schools or important causes in their community.

Benefits for Participants

1. Benefits for students:
o Get practical experienc
running a real business.
Learn essential life skills, and
o Be part of a global movement of young entrepreneurs!

2. Benefits for Teachers:
o Learn business skills
o Develop new teaching techniques, and
o Boost their CV.

Prize Level
All schools start on the Bronze Level and work their way up to Silver and then Gold.

1.Bronze is for participants who:
o Are new to the School Enterprise Challenge or their students are very young, and
o Have never run a school business before.

2.  Silver is for Participants who:
o Have achieved the Bronze Award.
o Have run a school business for at least 3 months.
o Want to develop their Bronze Level business or start a new one and do it really well, and
o Plan to involve more students.

3 Gold is for Participants who:
o Have achieved the Silver Award!
o Have run a profitable school business for at least 1 year.
o Want to develop their Silver Level business.
o Will integrate business activities into their school timetable.
o Aim to make sales outside of the school grounds, and
o Are ready to connect with other schools also running a school business.

Prize Information
There is $50,000 (£38,300) in prizes available for the most entrepreneurial schools, teachers and students.

Eligibility Criteria

o Any school from any country can take part.
o The School Enterprise Challenge is open to all schools, including: pre-primary schools, primary schools, secondary schools and technical/vocational colleges.
o Universities are not eligible to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge.

For further information, visit the School Enterprise Challenge webpage.

The final application deadline for 2020 is Friday 20th November.