“Action Verbs” to consider using in grant applications

When we discuss grant applications with representatives of not-for-profit organisations, we’re often told there’s a particular jargon or ‘key words’ you have to use in order to be in with a chance of securing a grant. This categorically isn’t the case – applicants should use their own language to describe their project and experiences (lived experience is irreplaceable – as this blog by Sarah Taragon of Clarity CIC advocates) and not resort to jargon or a perception of what “buzz words” grant providers want to hear.

However, if you’re putting together an application for grant support, there are some “action verbs” you could consider using to give your project proposal added energy and urgency. Here’s a few examples:


o Accomplished         o Increased             o Started
o Accelerated            o Initiated               o Structure
o Achieved                 o Introduced           o Streamlined
o Approved                o Launched             o Strengthened
o Conceived               o Maintained          o Stressed
o Conducted              o Negotiated           o Stretched
o Completed              o Ordered                o Succeeded
o Consolidated          o Organised            o Summarised
o Created                   o Performed           o Superseded
o Decided                   o Pioneered            o Supervised
o Delivered                o Planned               o Terminated
o Demonstrated       o Prepared               o Traced
o Designed                o Processed            o Traded
o Developed              o Programmed        o Trained
o Devised                  o Proposed              o Transferred
o Directed                 o Promoted             o Translated
o Doubled                 o Purchased            o Tripled
o Elected                   o Redesigned          o Trimmed
o Eliminated             o Reduced               o Turned
o Ended                     o Reorganised        o Uncovered
o Established            o Revised                o Unified
o Expanded               o Schedule              o Utilised
o Extended                o Services              o Vacated
o Finished                  o Simplified           o Waged
o Generated              o Set Up                 o Widened
o Implemented         o Sold                    o Won
o Improved                o Solved                o Worked
                                                                  o Wrote