8 grant-making charities with the word ‘Ford’ in their title

In our daily grants bulletin yesterday, we featured 3 grant-making charities: the Enterprise Development Programme Environmental Grants, the Fort Foundation and the West of England Green Business Grants Programme Round 2.

Unfortunately, in the opening section of the bulletin, which provides a summary of each programme, the Fort Foundation was misspelled as ‘The Ford Foundation’ (many thanks to Ahron Klein of The Community Hub London for notifying us shortly after the bulletin was sent out).

This error led us to look at which other grant-making charities have the word ‘Ford’ in their title. Here’s a summary of a few we know about.

1. Ford Britain Trust – provides grants up up to £3,000 to not-for-profit organisations and schools for projects that benefit local communities in Great Britain with preference given to areas where Ford Motors has a presence, namely Essex, including East London, Southampton, Daventry, Manchester, Liverpool, and Bridgend (South Wales). The Trust is currently accepting applications.

2. Ford Motor Company Limited Ford Southampton Community Fund – currently closed to applications, the Ford Southampton Community Fund provides grants up to £6,000 for groups and charities to support charitable work focussed on disenfranchised young people in Southampton and Eastleigh. Contact the Hampshire and Isles of Wight Community Foundation for details, as this Fund may have permanently closed to applications.

3. The Oliver Ford Foundation – presently open to application, the Foundation provides grants up to £10,000 to charitable organisations involved with supporting and educating people with learning disabilities in the UK.

4. Fordeve Limited – whose charitable objectives are to advance religion in accordance with the Orthodox Jewish Faith and to support other charitable activities as are recognised under English Law.

5. The Brinsley Ford Charitable Trust – a small charitable trust providing grants relating to the Fine Arts.

6. The Ford House Charitable Trust – another very modest grant-making charity which provides grants for the relief of sickness, starvation, malnutrition, poverty and suffering, the advancement of education and the promotion of the Christian religion.

7. The Knutsford Fund Small Grants Programme – managed by the Cheshire Community Foundation, the Knutsford Fund provides grants up to £2,000 to charitable organisations that are supporting lonely, disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable people of all ages in the Knutsford area of Cheshire. The deadline for applications is 31 December 2021.

8. The Ford Foundation – founded in 1936 by Edsel Ford, the son of Henry, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, this USA Foundation is not now connected to the Ford Motor Company. The Foundation provides grants in various parts of the world, including many parts of Africa, India the Middle East for social justice projects that challenge inequality.