10 Free Tools & Resources for not-for-profit organisations

While browsing the internet over the weekend, we came across this resource on New Orleans based digital marketing agency, Search Influence, which specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO). Although we haven’t had an opportunity to check all of these out yet, we think some of the following free resources may also be useful to not-for-profit organisations in the UK and could be worth exploring further. Interestingly, in early 2021, Search Influence announced that it decided not to operate from its physical office. Its team now works remotely and conducts all meetings via Zoom. A sign of things to come perhaps?

Here’s the item free resource item, available on the Search Influence website.

1. G-Suite

The mecca of high-powered email and productivity tools is free for all not-for-profit organisations through its basic plan, and it includes the usage of your domain name for your team’s email addresses. Beyond your domain, you have access to G-Docs, Calendar, Drive, and so much more.

2. Canva PRO

Photoshop out of your skill range? No worries, Canva is here to make your social graphics POP! With tons of templates available, you’ll be able to create anything from a quick Facebook post to an entire presentation. Features include saving pre-set branding colour palettes as well as premium fonts and graphics, with the ability to save your work in a variety of formats.

3. Social Good by Facebook

Social Good is Facebook’s hub for all of the tools offered to not-for-profits such as Charitable Giving (Facebook’s fundraising/donation tool), Crisis Response, Health (Blood Donation, Suicide Hotline, and more), and Mentorship (connecting people in need of support with people who have the expertise to help!)

4. HotJar

Want to know how your users are behaving on your website? HotJar has the hook up with “heatmaps” that help you visualize user behaviour, and see where they are getting stuck or what is really motivating them. With this knowledge, you can better optimize for a great user experience. Their more advanced tracking tools are also 100% free for select not-for-profit organisations.

5. Follow Facebook’s @nonprofits

Stay updated with all of Facebook’s not-for-profit tools and resources! They periodically announce fundraising events that your organization can participate in. For the last two years of #GivingTuesday, Facebook has secured a partner to match donations through Facebook’s Charitable Giving tool, first with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and then with PayPal. #FreeMoney

6. YouTube Nonprofit Program

Video content is king, and YouTube wants to help your organisation with creating inspiring content. If you have over 1,000 followers, they’ll give you access to all of their production studios countrywide, as well as their powerful editing tools. Click here to find the closest studio to you.

7. Action Sprout

Action Sprout now looks to have folded, but it used to enable not-for-profits to grow their following by seeing actionable insights to their posts, and optimise them to further engage their followers for the most reach. There’s a statement on the Action Sprout website about its closure which contains links to other resources.

8. Hootsuite

For smaller organisations with less than two channels to manage, Hootsuite offers a “free-limited” plan with a 50% discount on the unlimited set-up, which lets you manage more than two social channels. With this great software, you can schedule and manage your social media posts all in one place with built-in analytics.

9. Google Ad Grants

We’re not sure how this one translates to the UK, but in the USA Google Ad Grants gives your organisation $10,000 (£7,314) to create and deploy text-based ads, and up to $40,000 (£29,258) for organisations that participate in Grantspro. There are a few limitations, but all are easy to work within.

10. CallHub

For smaller organisations, you can sign up for free and have 5,000 calls on CallHub’s tab for their “Collective Calling Campaign”. This software helps organise and track your fundraising outreach via call and text, and it’s all capable of automation for ultimate efficiency.