Women in Innovation: Changing the World

Details of the nine winners of Innovate UK’s second Women in Innovation awards 2019.

The second competition was designed to identify women with ideas that could meet society’s biggest challenges, as outlined in the government’s modern Industrial Strategy’s Grand Challenges.

Innovate UK initiated the Women in Innovation campaign in 2016 when it found that just 1 in 7 funding applications to us for innovation projects came from women. The campaign’s objective was simple: get more women innovating in business.

The brochure detailing the winners covers the innovative ideas and learn how they’ve got where they are today. It also contains advice on:

o Securing investment;
o Hiring the right people; and
o Finding communities from some of the most influential women in business who have supported the campaign.

The brochure “Women in Innovation: Changing the World” can be viewed and downloaded for free at this LINK.