Website design – our new look and feel

Our old website needed a rebrand and a refreshed look and feel and so we turned to cube lab, web designers in Exeter to come up with a new web design for us.

We were very pleased they also worked on our logo design as well and (without us asking them!) re-designed the logo into one that is very much part of our new brand.

The new website design is much fresher and more modern than the old design and we can easily make changes to the styling and the content as we often need to update information very quickly.

Logo Design

Asked about their design ethos, cube lab said:

A logo design needs to be readable, versatile and memorable to help create a great brand identity. Quality logo design is all about interpreting a business through an iconic mark, a visual statement that works as an instantly recognisable identity for your business.

A logo is the image that represents your business and is a long-term investment and holds value and brand equity as you grow.

We work with you and carry out lots of research before we even put pen to paper or start juggling pixels. We’ll consider how your logo will be used across different mediums and only when a thorough understanding is reached, will we start the creative process.