University of Kent’s Centre for Philanthropy offers FREE online course on ‘How to Fundraise: A Guide to Fundraisers for Non-Fundraisers’ (course starts on Monday 8 June 2020)

The University of Kent’s Centre for Philanthropy is aiming to help small charities, non-profit organisations, and community and volunteer-led groups fundraise more effectively with a new,  FREE, online course.

The course, ‘How to Fundraise: A Guide to Fundraising for Non-Fundraisers, is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). It goes live online on 8 June 2020 and people can sign up now.

Over the course of three weeks, it will help individuals design sustainable fundraising strategies using insights from evidence-based research on the motivations behind donor giving, and develop skills in fundraising management along with an understanding of the resource and finance required to support the long-term fundraising goals of their organisation.

Participants are recommended to put aside 3 hours per week for the course.

Topics covered include:

o Why and how people give to charity, as well as other sources of voluntary funding and how to access it.
o How emotional and socially sensitive fundraising facilitates effective giving to your organisation.
o Preparing your organisation or group to fundraise effectively – establishing how much time and money you will need and who will need to be involved.
o Creating and communicating your own fundraising story.
o Receiving donations and looking after your donors well, and
o Developing a sustainable, long-term fundraising plan suited to your needs.

You can sign up to join the course at this LINK.

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