The Maypole Fund – small grants from women for women now available (application deadline 31 December 2019)

The Maypole Fund was founded in 1986 by women involved in the peace movement, especially with Greenham Common. Today, the Fund is led by a group of feminists coming from various political backgrounds.

The Maypole Fund is accepting applications from women only with an aim to resource imaginative, non-violent activities by feminist anti-militarist women – whether individual women or women only groups – to proactively challenge patriarchy.

Grants up to £750 are available for activities in the following areas:

o Anti-militarism.
o Action against the arms trade.
o Action against nuclear weapons and weapons systems.
o Creating a culture of peace and nonviolence.
o The prevention of conflict and war, and
o Action to support disarmament policies, processes and related initiatives.

Applications are invited from:

o Young women’s groups/individuals and lesbian groups/individuals.
o Activities or projects that have not yet started.
o Women who do not have access to other sources of funding or whose projects find it difficult to attract funding from elsewhere.
o Imaginative/creative activities.
o Individual and small women’s groups over larger established women’s groups.

The deadline for applications is Friday 31 December 2019.

Applications can be made via the Maypole Fund website.