The Heritage Impact Fund – a new £7 million loan and social investment package

The Architectural Heritage Foundation (AHF) has announced that it will consider funding heritage projects that are not run by heritage organisations through a new £7 million social investment fund.

The Heritage Impact Fund will also support enterprises that aim to deliver demonstrable impact in the local economy and community from the re-use of the UK’s heritage buildings.

The Heritage Impact Fund will also offer incentivised rates for projects that deliver significant economic or social impact, or that can be expanded as a result of the AHF’s assistance. This may include, for example:

o The restoration and re-use of heritage buildings commercial and community uses;
o New jobs; and/or
o Training and volunteering opportunities.

The Fund will offers tailored loan finance for charities, social enterprises and community businesses that want to acquire, reuse or redevelop buildings of historical or architectural importance. These buildings may be listed, in a conservation area, or may be of special significance to the community.

Loan amounts will be up to £500,000 per project for up to 3 years with the option to extend this period for a further term.

In addition to the Heritage Impact Fund, the Foundation will provide a new business support service called “RePlan” which will prioritise support for organisations completing a capital project or looking to build upon or scale-up their existing enterprises. RePlan will enable applicants to access pro bono expert advice and guidance for such things as:

o Assistance with business transformation:
o Assistance with business expansion and transition; and
o Capacity building.

Further information about the Heritage Impact Fund, together with details of other grant schemes available, can be found on the Architectural Heritage Foundation website.