Research Grants to Improve Rural Life (application deadline 18 September 2018)

A new opportunity is available for those with good ideas for rural communities to be awarded research travel grants.

Applicants with new ideas on how to improve rural life in the UK can now be supported by overseas research grants, available to all UK citizens.

A new category of Churchill Fellowships will be devoted to ‘Rural living: strengthening countryside communities’.

The fellowships are the result of a partnership between the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and The Prince’s Countryside Fund.

It will fund fellowships exploring wide-ranging approaches to a range of rural issues, such as:

o Invigorating transport networks;
o Rethinking housing and planning;
o Boosting employment and enterprise; and
o improving access to education, culture and healthcare.

The travel grants fund individuals to research innovative ideas and best practice overseas, then bring their global insights back to the UK and make change happen in their professions and communities.

Fellowships are available in 12 fields of interest overall, including the Rural Living category.

Julia Weston, Chief Executive of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, said the truyst was interested in inspirational ideas.

“Rural communities and economies are currently going through a period of great change, and face a huge range of challenges, as well as opportunities, especially in light of Brexit.

“In March, the House of Lords select committee on rural communities reported that some of the worst spots for deprivation and intergenerational poverty are in the countryside.

“We’re looking for new ideas that can help to tackle that.

“These Churchill Fellowships will fund people who are inspired to seek new solutions for rural life and keen to make change happen.”

Some 150 Churchill Fellowships are awarded each year, with an average grant of £6,000.


Applications can be made online at the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust website.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 18 September 2018.