Pebblebeach Fundraising offers two free strategic reviews to charities

Pebblebeach Fundraising is developing its portfolio of charity and hospice sector services and offering a free, no obligation strategic and operational review to two charities to kickstart the launch.

The new services are designed to complement Pebblebeach’s long-standing fundraising support services and centre around training and consultancy for small and medium-sized charities.

The training courses will be focused at Boards, Senior Management Teams and fundraisers looking to strengthen their team efficiency, align the executive and non-executive functions and unlock creative solutions to challenges the organisation may be facing.

Consultancy will focus on working with charities and hospices on their organisational sustainability, interim management and strategic development.

To kick-start the launch of the new training and consultancy services, Pebblebeach is inviting charities to apply for one of two free, no obligation strategic and operational reviews.

For further information, visit the Pebblebeach Fundraising website.