More from the Autumn Budget

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) ran a useful blog on last Monday’s budget in terms of its benefits to charitable organisations. Here’s a few sections from the article that will be of interest to sector organisations. The full blog can be found at this LINK.

1. A winter boost for social care

The Chancellor reiterated the government’s plan to publish its long-awaited social care green paper this Autumn and an immediate £650 million of grant funding for councils. Any boost for social care, however small is welcome, but many have already pointed out that it is a short-term measure, focused on alleviating winter pressures and bed blocking this year alone – it falls well short of the £2bn+ a year that is widely regarded to be needed.

Qualification requirements for this grant funding are also unclear. It will be important to see if this is done on the basis of an area’s deprivation, social care needs or other criteria.

2. Support for air ambulances and blood bikes

The Chancellor recognised the services that donation-funded air ambulances provide to England, and to support their work, £10 million of capital funding will be made available to air ambulances in England.

From April 2020, government will also introduce an exemption to the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for charity Blood Bikes, so their tax treatment will be aligned to with other emergency vehicles responsible for the transportation of blood and medical supplies.

3. Village halls, Miners’ Welfare facilities and Armed Forces organisations’ facilities

The government will provide up to £8 million to help with the cost of repairs and alterations to village halls, Miners’ Welfare facilities and Armed Forces organisations’ facilities.

4. Addressing food waste

The Chancellor dedicated money to simultaneously address food poverty and avoid food waste, by allocating £15 million to charities and other organisations to distribute surplus food. It is hoped that this will reduce the 250 million meals worth of edible food currently wasted annually in the UK.

5. Tackling plastics and waste

The government is providing £20 million to support measures to tackle plastics and boost recycling – £10 million more for plastics R&D and £10 million to pioneer innovative approaches to boosting recycling and reducing litter, such as smart bins.”