Marsha Miles Consultancy invites interested organisations and individuals to sign up for a FREE “Funding for Capital Projects” webinar on September 16th.

Marsha Miles is running another of her FREE “Fundraising Soundbites” webinars on Wednesday 16 September from 12.00 -12.30pm.
This webinar looks at Funding for Capital Projects.
Anyone interested or involved in a capital project is invited to join Marsha for 30 minutes of free fundraising advice, planning and strategy tips.

Based in (but not confined to) the South West of England, the Marsha Miles Consultancy delivers a unique mix of specialist consultancy services to help all types of organisations to grow and flourish. 

The consultancy has an established track record in sourcing funding for the restoration of buildings, the purchase of vehicles, IT equipment and a raft of other resources that have enabled organisations to effectively work with their clients.

You can book your place on the webinar by registering HERE.

For further information about this event, contact Marsha and her team on 01823 475123 or by email at