Lloyds Banking Group to allocate £25.5 million to its Charitable Foundations in England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands in 2021

The Lloyds Banking Group has announced that it will allocate £25.5m to its Charitable Foundations in 2021, maintaining the same levels of funding as in 2020.

The group’s profits fund four independent Charitable Foundations, supporting projects in England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and in the Channel Islands respectively.

In 2020, the four Foundations received £25.2m from Lloyds Banking Group, so the total pledged for 2020 and 2021 has now passed £50m.

Lloyds said this will allow the Foundations to support more than 3,000 small charities.

The Four Foundations together have committed up to £3.3m in emergency funding for charities during the COVID-19 crisis, Lloyds said.

They have also committed to being flexible if charities need to spend grant funds differently to adapt their work to the crisis, and to relax some reporting criteria.

Earlier this month, Lloyd Bank Foundation for England and Wales awarded grants to 71 new charities to fund their work during the crisis.

The Foundation also announced a new round of funding for later in the summer, which will be open both to new applicants and to charities that are already receiving grants from the organisation. It aims to support at least 100 charities.

Contact details for the Four Lloyds Bank Foundations can be found on the Foundation’s website, where you can also sign up to the Foundation’s newsletter and receive monthly updates on the its work, future plans, news from the sector and access to free and helpful resources.