Lipman-Miliband Trust’s Small Grant Programme now open to applications for socialist education projects across the UK (application deadline 31 May 2020)

The Lipman-Miliband Trust is currently accepting applications for its Small Grant program to support socialist education projects across the UK.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 31 May 2020.

In 1974, socialist businessman Michael Lipman established The Lipman Trust, a progressive charity whose mission was to help support the practice and dissemination of socialist education and research, an area routinely discriminated against by other charities or official sources.

The Lipman-Miliband Trust continues to play a vital role as one of the very few charities able to respond to the needs of those engaged in socialist education. They encourage new work within this broad field, taking into consideration new areas of cultural and political work in institutions of learning but also in community organisations and among Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

The Trust’s objectives are:

o To promote research into the history, theory and practice of socialism and other allied fields of study.
o To support cultural projects associated with socialist education and research.
o To support research and education associated with progressive causes involving community activity and social movements, and
o To enable the wider dissemination of such research and cultural activity through publication or the procuring of publication by means of books, pamphlets, reports, films, lectures, conferences, exhibitions and all other suitable media.

The maximum grant that can be awarded is £2,000.

The Trust cannot award grants for work associated with political parties.

The Trust cannot subsidise costs for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

There is no rule limiting the number of applications any one candidate may make, although no more than one grant can be awarded in any 24 months to any applicant.

The Trust will not consider the payment of recurring salaries. It will consider the payment of fees specifically related to the project proposal. In respect of such fees the applicant must make clear how the payment is comprised (specifically, the expected hours of work on the project and the total payment).

The Trust supports good employment practice and requires any payments to comply with minimum wage standards in the country where the project is to be carried out and to be in accordance with any collective agreement negotiated with an independent trade union where such exist.

UK applicants can make bids for overseas projects but these must originate from a UK-based applicant with a UK bank account.

For further information, visit the Lipman-Miliband Trust.