Les Mills Fund for Children inviting applications for projects that enable children and young people to become more active

The Les Mills Fund for Children (LMFC) is inviting applications for grants of up to £1,000  to create a healthier and fitter planet and to make the opportunity available to everyone. Preference tends to be given to applications from smaller charities.

The Les Mills Fund for Children works with carefully selected organisations who share their values and have the resources available to help children. 

LMFC award the funds they raise to registered charities and accountable non-profit organisations who believe will do their most to improve the education and physical and emotional wellbeing of children aged 0-16 in one or more of the following areas:

o Health and wellbeing.
o Physical and Mental Health problems.
o Living with Disability, and
o Living in Poverty.

The next application deadline is Tuesday 28 April 2020.

For further information, visit the Les Mills Fund website.

We’ll be running a more detailed feature on this funding opportunity in our daily grants bulletin next week. Contact GRIN at info@grin.coop for more details.