Land Rover Bursary scheme now open for teams of 2-4 to undertake a hourney with a specific geographic purpose

The Land Rover Bursary, run by the Royal Geographical Society on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover, provides funding of up to £30,000 and the loan of a vehicle to help the successful participants undertake a journey with a geographical purpose.

Funding consists of a of £15,000 and a discretionary fund of up to £15,000 to support essential expedition related costs.

The loan vehicle is likely to be the all-new Land Rover Discovery and must be essential to the journey. Full use should be made of the vehicle’s capabilities. The vehicle can be further modified by the Jaguar Land Rover SVO team, a specialist division responsible for creating a range of high performance production models for both Jaguar and Land Rover, to support your expedition needs. The recipient team will be expected to share their experiences by documenting the journey in engaging ways, including digital/web based media.

Applicants will need to demonstrate how the journey goes ‘above and beyond’ their usual experiences, limits or boundaries and how the journey will promote a wider understanding or enjoyment of geography.

Further information about the programme, which is open to teams of 2-4 members aged 18 and over, can be found on the Royal Geographical Society website

Guidance notes are available at this LINK.

The application deadline is Saturday 30 November 2018.