International grants for species conservation initiatives now open to applications (deadline 28 February)

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund that has been established to provide targeted grants to individual species conservation initiatives, recognize leaders in the field and elevate the importance of species in the broader conservation debate.

The Fund is now open to applications with a deadline of Friday 28 February 2020.

The Fund’s reach is global, and its species interest is non-discriminatory. It is open to applications for funding support from conservationists based in all parts of the world, and will potentially support projects focused on any and all kinds of plant, animal and fungus species, subject to the approval of an independent evaluation committee.

In addition, the Fund will recognize leaders in the field of species conservation and scientific research to ensure their important work is given the attention it deserves and to elevate the importance of species in global conservation discourse.

Generally the Fund would prefer to support projects which focus on a single species, but it also recognises that in some geographic and taxonomic circumstances it makes more sense to group a number of species.

 The maximum grant size is $25,000 (any application asking for more than this from the Fund will be automatically rejected).  The total budget of a project can be higher if there are other sources of funding.
Budgets must be submitted in US Dollars.

The Fund was established to support species conservation work, and so if applicants project is not about an endangered species it is probably not worth their while submitting an application.

Anyone directly involved in species conservation can apply to the Fund for a grant. The Fund will consider grants for the conservation of any threatened or poorly known animal, plant or fungus species.

Depending on the type of conservation project and the work involved, the Fund will consider covering salary expenses or travel costs for a specific project. This would usually be for support staff in developing countries. However this can only be as part of the overall grant as officially applied for. The Fund will not consider applications for grants which only cover salary or travel expenses.

The Fund is primarily interested in providing support to in situ conservation work in the field (such as survey work and data gathering, direct action, recovery management, training and the like), focusing on the species in its natural habitat. However, the importance of ex situ work (genetic analysis, workshops, ex situ populations etc) is also recognised, and so a few grants may be given to projects which focus on ex situ conservation work in certain circumstances.

Please note that the Fund will not contribute to the core running costs of an organisation or administrative overheads, and yet does recognise that sometimes support salaries, stipends, per diems and project related living costs can be a vital part of in situ conservation work.

For further information, visit the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund website.