Aug 11, 2017

As this is a bit of a milestone for us, we thought we'd look back on the first 2,000 editions of our daily GRIN grants e-bulletin.

The daily bulletins started in early 2005 because we wanted to find a way of circulating information about the many grant opportunities we received to anyone that might be interested.

The bulletins were originally called 'Funding Bricks' (only Sarah Targon of Clarity CIC can remember this!) in homage to the excellent series of business e-bulletins, 'Business Bricks', which sadly ceased some years ago.

The GRIN grants bulletins are always prepared the evening before from around 20 funding sources. We try to double-check each bulletin for accuracy before they go out, but we don't always have time to do so, especially when it's my turn to cook the evening meal.

The feedback we've received from subscribers is that, because they often hear about new funding opportunities through GRIN first, it can give them an advantage when applying for funding, and we've had many emails from subscribers telling us that a bulletin has led directly to their organisation receiving a grant.

Often we'll see GRIN bulletins reproduced in other grants circulars, such as the excellent DEVA e-magazine.

All the bulletins (and more) are captured in our Grants Database, which now includes details of well over 1,000 grant programmes.

Looking back on the grant opportunities we've circulated, there's particular categories that receive a great deal more attention than others, such as:

o Small grant schemes with strong regional coverage, especially programmes like Tesco Bags of Help, One Stop Shop's Carriers for Causes and W H Smith Community Grants;
o Unusual grant opprtunities that aren't generally featured in other databases or directories, such as Brown Source and the Unforgettable Foundation;
o Public voting grant programmes like Galaxy Hot Chocolate grants (which has always proved popular - we think it may be the reference to chocolate); and
o Any funding source that features a store locator (for some reasons always incredibly popular!).

Some other facts about GRIN:

o We're a cooperative that's been running for over 5 years, having been founded in 2012 with the invaluable help of Lorna Turner of The Fruit Tree;
o The two members of GRIN, Dominie and Paul, are married and are both vegetarian;
o Saturday is our day off, when we support Tiverton Town Football Club, Arsenal, Nottingham Forest, Peter Crouch and Exeter Chiefs;
o We both work pretty much full-time for other agencies. Dominie is currently LEADER Programme Manager for Making It Local and REAL Devon, but is shortly to join North Devon Council as its Senior Economic Development Officer. Paul splits his time between the Growth and Regeneration service at Mid Devon District Council the excellent multi-award winning charity Reminiscence Learning and other GRIN work; 
o Although the majority of GRIN bulletins are circulated to South West organisations, they travel as far as London, Essex, Wales, Scotland and France.
o There's always one deliberate mistake in every bulletin!

Our greatest thanks to everyone who has subscribed over the last 12 years - we really couldn't have reached this milestone without you.

We're delighted to have reached issue #2,000, and here's to the next 2,000!

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