"Jumping through Hoops" by Clarity CIC

Jun 5, 2017

"We were recently discussing the pros and cons of the increasingly popular ‘Dragons Den’ and on-line (or live) voting processes as methods to decide who gets funding.

There are advantages – many groups struggle to really show their passion and story in traditional application forms, and for those who have English as a second language, or where most members have lower literacy levels then forms can be really challenging.

For those whose passion is evident when they talk about their project, and who are comfortable to stand up in front of others then the Dragon’s Den or Soup events can be a real opportunity.  For those with a large ‘supporters’ group (eg a sports club), then on-line votes where you get people to vote for your project can work.

BUT these public votes come with the potential for public humiliation, how do you feel when you walk away having presented your project to have been told face-to-face that yours just wasn’t as ‘good’ as someone else’s….

How do you feel when your project on-line (or in the supermarket voting systems) doesn’t get the support that another one does – and everyone can see the result.

At least with a form, you can blame the funder or the form, and you don’t really have to share that decision with many people.

Increasingly, it feels like as a sector, there are more and more hoops to jump through, dances to perform and boxes to tick, to gain support or funding.

Maybe it’s time to take back control – think about the methods that are best suited to YOUR organisation – do you have people who are good at writing? Or at talking about your project? Do you have volunteers or supporters who enjoy arranging fundraising activities? Do you have a building/venue that lends itself to events? Do you have good links with a local school or business? Does your project have wide appeal (e.g. children, animals), or is it currently relevant (e.g. mental health, dementia)?

Take a few minutes to reflect, rather than just doing what you’re told you need to do.

We would recommend our ‘back of the envelope’ funding strategy… a simple way to think about the money you need and where you might get it from."   

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