The Foundation for Social Improvement Small Charity Index suggests challenging times ahead for small and medium sized charities

May 15, 2017

The Small Charity Index demonstrates the challenges small charities face in securing funding to deliver the vital services they provide for their local communities.

In the years post the 2007/08 financial crisis, funds to support local services, especially from Local Authorities (a statutory source) decreased. Small charities, who deliver local services specifically in the areas of health and social welfare, therefore continue to face a challenging commissioning environment.

By tracking the experiences in income generation across statutory, voluntary and earned income sources, this report shows how small charities continue to be affected by economic uncertainty, placing pressure on securing funds to remain sustainable in the long term.

New fundraising opportunities have emerged, such as social investment and online giving, however these new opportunities are not necessarily appropriate for all charities, and many continue to struggle to replace the income lost through the austerity cuts and the challenging economic climate.

Therefore overall, the Small Charity Index paints a picture of income stagnation, at least for the Small Charity Sector.

To access the most recent Quarterly Review of the Small Charity Index, which covers the period December to February 2017, clickHERE.

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