"Mission Matters Most" by Clarity CIC

May 8, 2017

"The forthcoming local and national elections have the politician’s re-thinking their manifestos and how they see their priorities going forward.

As usual, some things have been amended as the country’s needs (and parties’ leadership) change and this got me thinking about charities and community organisations and how they ensure that they operate in a way that is consistent with their vision, mission and values by ensuring:

1. What they plan to do is needed and wanted by the people they serve (by regularly asking beneficiaries and other stakeholders);
2. That they are not duplicating services but adding value to what other organisations are doing (this is particularly relevant if a charity or community group is thinking of setting up new services or providing services in a new area);
3. They will be effective (by researching what works);
4. That they have the experience, capacity, resources and necessary systems in place to provide their services;
5. That they work in collaboration with others (by forming partnerships and sharing resources);
6. That they understand the risks;
7. That they have worked out what outcomes they are looking for and how they know when they have got there (by monitoring and evaluating what they do);
8. That they are aware of their costs and offer value for money 9. That they have considered what would happen if they did nothing; and
10. Finally, and crucially, their plans are consistent with the organisations’ aims and provides something for the greater good.

It seems to me if the above checklist could be done by voluntary and community organisations when making decision about going forward they could also be used by political parties to plan OUR future."  

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