We're doing an amazing job!

Jan 20, 2017

Many thanks to Rose Taylor, the Viva Groups and Activities Co-ordinator and Your Way Project Officer at Volunteer Cornwall for the following comments about our daily grants bulletin:

"I really do think it’s the most helpful bit of info we get across the organisation - there’s so many more good opportunities that we end up passing on to partner organisations or people we know – you’re doing an amazing job!"

If you'd like a sample emailed to you or details about how to sign up for the daily bulletin (it's only £15 per year!) please email us at During 2017 we expect to send out 235 bulletins containing between 500 and 750 articles on grants or related resources.

Volunteer Cornwall is a charity dedicated to building social capital and developing the wellbeing of individuals and communities in Cornwall. The charity does this by working in collaboration with a wide range of organisations to promote and support active citizenship and voluntary action covering the emotional, social, environmental and economic needs and opportunities in Cornwall. Click on the link above for further details about the charity.

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