Jan 8, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all GRIN subscribers and followers.

Following a fairly hectic 2016 we took a 3-week break over Christmas and the New Year and are only just beginning to get up to speed this week.

The GRIN daily grant bulletins will start again on Monday 16th January 2017 and will continue through to Friday 15th December 2017. With the exception of bank holidays and weekends, we're planning to send out 237 bulletins this year, containing somewhere between 500 and 600 articles on grant programmes and other useful resources. If you're interested in subscribing, the cost is just £15 per year for a single person or £25 per year for two or more people representing the same organisation.

 We made a major decision over Christmas about our monthly Grants and Resources Databases to not circulate a January update, but include all December and January grant schemes in our February 1st update. We've also decided to phase out the Word version of the Grants Database from the end of January and focus on developing the Excel version, as this offers greater functionality than Word.

For readers that are unfamiliar with our Grants and Resources Databases, the Grants Database is a comprehensive colour-coded modular listings of hundreds of grant programmes, whicle the Resources Database has lots of invaluable aids that can be used to augment grant income or develop stronger cases for grant funding. Ask us for a sample of the databases by emailing or completing the Contact Us form. 

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