#Thankyou @grinsouthwest we saw @Morrisons Foundation info in YR #daily #grants #ebullition & received a #fabulous £25k! #ThankfulThursday

Sep 29, 2016



We're delighted to have helped Compass Disability secure a £25,000 grant from Morrisons.

Compass Disability receive our daily grants bulletin, which drops into email boxes at 8.30am every weekday without fail.

GRIN grants bulletins just feature two or three grant schemes every day so you're not overwhelmed with information, but because they arrive every day you receive details of 10--15 grant schemes per week (that's 40-60 each month!).

Each bulletin is thoroughly researched and take around 2 hours to compile.

There's a small subscription charge to cover the cost of producing and circulating the bulletins, of:

o £15 per year for a single subscriber; and
o £25 per year for multiple subscribers from the same organisation (you can have as many subscribers as you like).

We also produce a colour coded Grants Database in Excel and Word which are updated every month. The Grants Database contains easily searchable details of around 800 current grant schemes. It comes with a Resources Database with information of all sorts of supplementary information, including:

o The best Crowdfunding sites;
o Award schemes;
o Other means of generating income;
o Significant publications and statistics that can augment grant applications; and
o Toolkits and Impact Measurement tools. 

The subscription cost for monthly updates of all three databases is £100 per year and includes the daily grants bulletin.

Compass Disability is just one of many charitable organisations that have secured a grant after being alerted of an opportunity through a GRIN bulletin.

Ask for a sample or further details by completing our 'Ask for details' box on our homepage