"Legacies and Individual Donors" by Clarity CIC

Jun 3, 2016

Here's the latest of our new monthly Friday blog from Clarity CIC, a non-profit company which offers a skilled resource for the not-for-profit sector, helping organisations solve everyday issues and adding capacity to existing organisations.  

Clarity's June blog, as ever with a host of excellent links, focuses on: "Legacies and Individual Donors"

"Things are tough. Small charities and social enterprises are finding more need for their services and less money to pay for them. Grant funding is getting more competitive and is really tough if you want funding for the stuff you do every day, rather than for a shiny new project (a couple of excellent funders are exceptions to this…).

The media is full of stories that call charities and the sector into question. Maybe it’s time to think about spending some time on developing individual giving to your charity – small amounts each month, one-off asks and legacies?

There is a great opportunity to be able to prove to those people who are close to you (geographically or in terms of interest in your service), that small charities really can do a lot, with very little. Many small charities feel a bit uncomfortable about “asking” for money from their supporters.

But think about how you’d feel. Perhaps you live some way from your mum. You know that she really values the volunteer visitor who has been coming to see her every week – why wouldn’t you want to say a “thank you” for their time & effort? Perhaps your child has a passion for music, or drama and has been going to a local club where they meet others with the same interests, have made new friends and have become more confident… you KNOW what difference these organisations make.

Surely you’d rather give your money to them, in the knowledge that your £10, £100 or £1,000 really will make a difference, than to a large charity where you don’t really know quite what they do or how they will use your money?

BUT if you aren’t asked, then you won’t give…. here are the first few steps you can take:

o Raise this at your Board meeting, and see if there is commitment to look at this type of fundraising;
o Nominate someone from your Board or staff to lead on this; o Look at what other people are doing, and who you currently support yourself – what works?
o Look at your existing website, leaflets, Facebook page etc. – how easy is it for someone to make a donation?
o Make a list of your current supporters – maybe people who attend your activities, people who come along to fundraisers or have shown an interest in your activities. Identify any who may be interested in making a larger donation (i.e. they have money and have shown a commitment).
o Put in place the paperwork necessary for receiving legacies – and talk to a local solicitor about Will Making;
o Make it clear how much it costs to run your organisation, and what you deliver for that money;
o Tell people, if grant funding is coming to an end – give them choices rather than having services or activities stop

And then set targets and develop a plan to increase individual giving to your organisation. It won’t happen overnight, but it could well be a more sustainable income stream in the long term

Here’s some links for more information on Legacy Fundraising:

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And finally, aimed at the arts, but good:

South East Museums."

For more information on Impact and Fundraising visit NPC , use Clarity's FREE resources or give Jacqui or Sarah a call."

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