GRIN Grants and Resources update out today, featuring 84 COVID-19 responses by grant-providers and details of 65 current grant opportunities

Our May Grants Database updates, featuring 65 current grant programmes and updates on 84 COVID-19 grant programmes has been published this morning.

The May update is sent to a subscriber list, and subscribers also receive the daily GRIN grants bulletin as part of their £100, 2-year subscription.

The interim Grants Databases are sent out on the first Monday in March, May, July, September and November.

In the intervening months of February, April, June, August, October and December we send out a full Grants Database. This is a searchable listing of over 1,000 grant programmes featuring:

o Grant schemes covered in the daily grants bulletins over the previous two months.
o A searchable list of current grant programmes.
o An archive of former grant programmes, which often include useful resources.
o A list of grant providers that focus their grant-giving on areas in the South West of England (although GRIN subscribers operate in all parts of the UK and overseas, the daily bulletins started many years ago as a resource for South West not-for-profits. Although the circulation of the bulletins has expanded to other areas over the last 15 years, many subscribers cover the South West region), and
o A searchable index arranged by categories supported by grant providers, such as ‘Arts’, ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Young People’.

The Grants Database is augmented by a Resource Database, which includes all sorts of usually free resources not-for-profits can access to develop their organisation. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, ask us for a sample of the Grants and Resources Database by emailing

You can also sign up for a free, 2-week trial of the daily GRIN Grants Bulletin by emailing us at the same address.

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