GRIN Grants and Resources Databases – Index added to February editions out today!

The February edition of our Grants and Resources Databases, featuring over 1,000 grant programmes and more than 200 resources for not-for-profits, have been circulated today.

The Grants Database now includes an index (see image below) so that users can easily identify grant-making trusts that support a specific theme or group of beneficiaries.

We’re currently populating the index, which currently consists of 70 main categories and around 90 sub categories.

We think this will be an invaluable tool to help organisations quickly identify funding prospects they can apply to. Each grant provider listed will have a link back to the main database, which provides full details of each funder.

Subscription to the databases costs just £100 for a two-year period and includes our daily grants bulletin, which features 2-3 grant schemes and associated resources each weekday – that’s around 240 bulletins every year.

Sign up for a free, no obligation, 2-week trial or ask for a sample of the databases by emailing us at

Image: main Grants Database

Image: Grants Database index