Grants of up to £5,000 for start-up or early stage businesses

The Small Business Grants Initiative is a monthly designed to help start-up and early-stage businesses in the UK become established and grow their operations into successful enterprises by awarding a grant of £5,000.

Every month, one business deemed by a panel of independent judges to be the most deserving will benefit from a package including a financial grant, as well as being featured on the Small Business Grants website as a monthly winner.

Winners will be start-up or fledgling companies that are judged to have the most potential in their sector, based on factors such as:

o Turnover growth;
o Innovation;
o Aspiration;
o Key projects completed;
o Contracts won; and
o Partnerships forged.

In addition to the grant, winners will also benefit from editorial coverage exploring how they used the money; articles that offer an insight into how a cash injection can benefit small businesses and help them flourish.

The money can be used towards marketing the business offering, investing in technology, or perhaps taking on some part-time staff.

Small businesses in the UK that are actively trading, at least one year old and with a turnover between £50,000 and £500,000 annually may apply.

Small businesses are those that employ fewer than 50 staff. The business could be operating in any sector, for example a cafe, those operating a business from home, or perhaps managing a franchise.

Applications must be submitted by the end of each month. The next application deadline is therefore Saturday 30 June.

Further information is available on the Small Business Grants website or from GRIN (email to request further information).