– Free Resources for Not-for-Profits

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the American website Frontstream has a number of free resources that can be applied by UK not-for-profits, including:

o 3 fundraising tips for animal shelters and charities;

o A resource library of free e-books, such as “Auction Inspiration”, “How to Build a Monthly Giving Programme”, and “A Nonprofit’s Guide to Matching Gifts”; and 

o Access to blogs, webinars and events, for example “Planning a Golf Fundraising Event” and “Capital Campaigns: Best Practices and Common Mistakes”.

There’s plenty of useful,  free resources on this website. It’s well worth a look around, but PLEASE NOTE that registration is required before you can access some of the resources available and that may this may lead to follow-up contact from Frontstream or other agencies.

It’s also worth noting that the United States isn’t subject to the same rules on data protection as the United Kingdom. A useful overview of data protection in the USA can be found on the Thompson Reuters website