Friends Povident Foundation invites applications to its “Developing a Fair Economy” grant programme (application deadline 5 October 2020)

The Friends Provident Foundation is seeking applications for its “Developing a Fair Economy” grant programme from UK charitable organisations

The Foundation’s view is that economic, social and environmental disruption in the UK and beyond is evidence that the way capitalism and financial systems operate is creating social disharmony and increasing inequality.
Its “Developing a Fair Economy” grants programme focuses on how we can make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable as this is where the flaws in the system are most obvious, not just in terms of poverty, but also inequality.
Funding Information

o The upper limit is £200,000 though the Foundation would expect any project applying at the top end of this scale to be able to demonstrate a very close fit with the programme aims.
o The budget can cover up to 5 years. On average most projects are 1-2 years long.


o The Foundation will judge each project idea on its merits, but will take into account each applicant’s track record of managing a grant and their ability to deliver results.
o The Foundation has a policy of full cost recovery. Costs must be proportionate and based on a clearly outlined methodology.
o The Foundation has a two stage process so applications are reviewed at stage 1 and the full project proposal at stage 2. The Foundation has a small team and unfortunately does not have lots of time to discuss ideas. Please trust the process and submit your ideas with a stage 1 application. If your application is invited to stage 2 there will be opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with a member of the grants team.
o The work intended has a focus on the UK and there should be significant impact on economies in the UK.

For further information, visit Friends Provident Foundation.
The deadline for applications is Monday 5 October 2020.