Free mental health training for charities and small businesses

The mental health charity, Mind, has launched free online training for small and medium-sized charities to promote better mental health in the workplace.

The Mental Health for Small Workplaces programme, which is funded by the Royal Foundation, is aimed at all types organisations, including charities, with fewer than 250 employees.

The programme consists of the following three training modules which can be accessed via the Mental Health at Work website.

As part of the toolkit, Mind has launched free online-based training consisting of three modules, each taking about 20 minutes to complete:

o Building your awareness;
o Looking after yourself; and
o Supporting each other.

Each topic covered can be completed independently and includes a range of facts, short informative videos, and links to valuable resources and support.

A guide has also been produced to help employers integrate the training modules into their organisations.

Further information is available on the Mental Health at Work website.