Free guide to help organisations assess their work on lonelinessand measure the impact of well-being

The What Works Centre for Well-being has released free ‘A Brief Guide to Measuring Loneliness for Charities and Social Enterprises’, a 12 page guide, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, that includes recommended questions for children and adults, plus an editable questionnaire template, to help organisations assess the effectiveness of their work.

The guide is aimed at anyone wanting to understand the impact of their charity on loneliness, especially people with responsibility for monitoring and evaluation.

The guide takes a realistic approach to evaluation to avoid overloading charities and the people they support with too many questions. It acknowledges the strengths of small organisations in collecting evidence about people’s personal journeys, and gives advice on how to have conversations about a sometimes difficult and sensitive topic.

The guide also acknowledges that those projects that are trying to alleviate loneliness are also aiming to improve the overall well-being of people they work with and offer an online guide for measuring well-being impact, which can be used alongside the guidance on loneliness to understand the full effect  activities are having on people’s lives.

The guide can be downloaded at this LINK.