Deadline fast approaching for Blue Patch Business Awards (deadline 12pm on Monday 30 July 2018)

Blue Patch is a social enterprise and ethical community that produces a catalogue of British-made products and services and supports conservation and renewable energy across the country.

The Blue Patch Business Awards is an annual contest that is designed to encourage participation and support within the business community.

Winners will receive an award, coupled with the opportunity to attend Design Week in September where they will be able to display their work.

Existing SMEs and fledgling start-up businesses across in England, Wales and Scotland may apply.

The business must be manufacturing, making, producing or providing a service in Britain and have an interest in sustainability.

Interested parties may nominate themselves for one or more of the business categories:

1. New Business Award: For new businesses creating products or providing services (under two years old).

2. New Heritage Award: For young businesses using traditional production methods and techniques (under 10 years old). Apprentices may be entered by their employers for this award.

3. Social Good Award: For socially minded businesses aiming to make a difference to their local communities and the environment.

4. Sustainable Innovation Award: For businesses with a cutting-edge idea that will save energy, reduce carbon, encourage a circular economy and protect the planet.

5. Female Business Leader Award: For businesses headed by women who are achieving greatness, or with woman leader making significant contributions to a business.

6. Circular Economy Award: For businesses that use circular economy principles and methods in their products or services, providing solutions that tackle some of the major waste issues facing the planet.

7. Global Impact Award: For businesses based in the British Isles that are working with international communities, creating ethical partnerships and with good supply chain management.

8. People’s Prize: All shortlisted businesses from the above categories will also be entered into the People’s Prize category which will be open to public vote.

Although there are no specific exclusions cited within the programme guidelines, those wishing to apply are advised to liaise with the funding provider in the first instance to discuss eligibility.

The deadline for entries is 12pm on Monday 30 July 2018.

Applications may be submitted online at the programme website.

Contact details for Blue Patch are:

Blue Patch
Tel: 0207 738 7267