Clarity CIC seeks organisations to participate in a Healthcheck Live programme

Regular GRIN contributor, Clarity CIC, has revamped its newsletter (which you can sign up to by contacting Sarah or Steve at Clarity). The most recent edition includes a copy of its annual report, which is also available on its website.

Clarity is currently floating the idea of getting a consort of organisations together to undertake a health check of their organisation in  a collaborative environment. If you’re interested in this or would like to find more, contact Steve Woollett at

The Clarity CIC article reads: 

“Healthcheck Live!

Just an idea ….. organisations are increasingly undertaking or commissioning organisational Healthchecks or Strengths Reviews, to help them identify how they need to improve and change.

So, we are wondering about running a Healthcheck Live! event which brings together say a dozen or so organisations to undertake a healthcheck for their own organisation but in a collaborative environment with the support of an experienced consultant.

Doing this together rather than alone would identify things that could be tackled jointly such as publicity or impact measurement.

And it could also reveal where organisations have particular skills and expertise that they can share with others.

What do you think? Please email”