Aviva Community Group on Facebook hosts fundraising month

The following item was posted recently by Melanie May in UK Fundraising. Melanie is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via www.thepurplepim.com.

Aviva is providing a whole month of fundraising-focused advice on its Aviva Community Group on Facebook to provide further assistance to small charities, in particular those interested in its annual grant-making campaign.

The Aviva Community Group is a private discussion group on Facebook with over 1,000 individuals signed up.

Other eligible small charities or rather their staff or, more likely, volunteers with an interest in or responsibility for fundraising are invited to apply to join the group. Aviva describes it as “a place for anyone involved in community projects, local causes and charities to connect, share their experiences and ideas, and get free support and guidance”. And of course a place to “stay updated on this year’s Aviva Community Fund”.

The fundraising focus for March is part of the company’s aim to “build stronger communities that are resilient in the face of challenges so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive today, tomorrow and in the future.”

UK Fundraising’s Howard Lake is the guest moderator for the month, tasked with sharing resources, opportunities and ideas. This involves posting some useful fundraising resources and examples, answering some of the group members questions, and encouraging members to share their experiences and fundraising expertise.

The month has been divided into four week-long topics:

o Digital
o Community
o Legacy
o Events

This is the first time that the group has had a particular theme, and fundraising took priority because it was the most commonly requested topic. It is likely that future months will be dedicated to different themes involved in running a small or grassroots charity.

Which other charities and community groups are on the Aviva Community Group on Facebook? You can get an idea by looking at community projects which received funding in the recently completed 2018 Aviva Community Fund.