April edition of the GRIN Grants and Resources Databases out today!

Apart from circulating a daily grants bulletin throughout the year, we also distribute a comprehensive, affordable and searchable Grants Database, which is accompanied by a Resources Database featuring materials – the vast majority of which are free – such as impact assessment tools, best Crowdfunding sites, and access to other grants databases.

The Grants Database includes details of around 1,000 grant programmes, plus 180 grant providers that focus their giving in the South West, and 60 grant-making trusts that will fund core costs. The database is evolving all the time and will shortly feature an index offering an additional search option for subscribers to identify funders against a specific beneficiary (for example ‘young people aged 16-25’ or ‘Anglican churches’).

The daily bulletins and Grants and Resources Databases are available at the following rates:

  1. Daily Grants Bulletin – these are sent out at precisely 8.30am each weekday morning throughout the year, with the exception of public bank holidays and a short break over Christmas and the New Year and cost either £15 annually (for 1 subscriber) or £25 annually for 2 or more subscribers from the same organisation.  A free 2-week trial is available for the daily bulletin.

     2.  Grants and Resources Databases – the databases include the daily Grants Bulletin and costs             just £100 for a 24 month subscription.

You can see an example of the Grants and Resources Database at this LINK, while further details of the daily Grants Bulletin can be found HERE.

If you’d like further information about either product, simply email us a info@grin.coop.