Advice on how to find new Trustees

The GOV.UK website has useful guidance on how to carry out a typical charity trustee recruitment process, including how to:

  • identify the need for new trustees;
  • write a job description and person specification for the skills, experience and knowledge needed; 
  • agree responsibilities and a process for recruitment; and
  • how to set a framework for recruitment. 

This guidance is aimed at existing trustees who wish to attract new trustees to their charity, but it is also very relevant if you are setting up a new charity.

The GOV.UK website also contains helpful information on what being a charity trustee involves, whether you can claim expenses and where to get help and advice.

Funded by a donation from the Claire Milne Trust, trustees of the charity Dream-A-Way open a fully wheelchair accessible holiday home at Devon Cliffs Holiday Park, Sandy Bay, Exmouth, Devon.