18 charities benefit from BBXUK’s inagural ‘Sparetember’ campaign

Business community tool BBXUK, based in Bournemouth, Dorset, raised over £45,000 for charities during its inaugural ‘Sparetember’ campaign this year.

BBXUK’s Sparetember was a month-long campaign that saw businesses donate goods and services to charities through the platform raising a total of £45,354 BBX pounds for those involved.

In total, 31 businesses from across the UK donated goods and services through the platform, with 18 charities benefitting including Diverse Abilities, Julia’s House, Shark Trust, and the NSPCC.

Charities were able to source supplies and services they needed from the platform such as marketing support, infrastructure for events, accounting and finance support, PR services and office supplies, enabling them to offset some of their cash costs to focus and invest in their projects.

BBXUK was inspired to launch the fundraising initiative by the positive responses of similar month-long charity campaigns such as Movember and Stoptober.

BBX is a community that enables entrepreneurs worldwide to leverage their spare capacity for new business opportunities.

Spare Capacity is the ability to take on more business without increasing fixed costs. It is perishable and if not captured you can never get it back.

Some examples of this are:

o Empty tables in a restaurant.
o Slow moving or surplus stock.
o Unfilled appointments.
o Vacant hotel rooms, and
o Unsold advertising space.

BBX brings business and charities together to maintain an active Corporate Social Responsibility* program in the belief that charities can utilise spare capacity in business to improve the world.

The scheme works by linking a charity with businesses and corporations to increase the amount of support they give to charities by ‘donating’ spare capacity or surplus stock.

The BBXUK community pro-actively encourages many business like-minded individuals to achieve their goals, and in 2019 decided to rename September as “Sparetember” to help out charities through business trading.

Once a charity gets involved with BBX Angels they will be assigned an account manager. The role of an account manager is twofold: 

1. They promote the charity to the BBX Angels with the intention of gaining donations, and
2. They help the charity spend the BBX Pounds (BBX£’s) they have been donated within the BBX network.

When a company donates spare capacity, BBX Angels sell that stock within the BBX network. The funds generated from the sale are then donated to charities.

Charity benefits are:

o Increased effectiveness.
o Increased donations.
o Increased cashflow.
o Obtaining new ambassadors.
o Reduced costs.
o Reduced financial constraints.
o Increase awareness, and
o Increased brand association.

Business benefits are:

o Increasing the amount of support they give to charities.
o Being able to donate without spending cash.
o Kudos.
o Obtaining new customers and repeat business.
o Helping businesses with public sector contracts.
o Massive PR leading to increased brand equity, awareness and association, and
o Increasing cash sales in other areas of business (for example, a cinema sells spare tickets through BBX Angels but receives additional income from confectionery sales).

Charities and businesses can find out more and sign up to the scheme at this LINK (scroll down to the foot of the page).

*Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a type of international private business self-regulation that aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature or by engage in or support volunteering or ethically-oriented practices.

The Shark Trust was one of the charities that benefited from the
Sparetember campaign.