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We're currently developing our new website, which is scheduled to go live next year.  

This means we're less likely to post on this site as we begin to wind it down.

None of our services and products have changed, so please contact us if you need any advice or help securing the funding and resources your not-for-profit needs to take a project or service forward. 

GRIN stands for 'Grants Resources Information News'. We're a friendly two-person, co-operative with over 50 years' experience of grants management, helping organisations apply for grant funding, and community regeneration. Although we're based in the South West of England we advise organisations across the UK and internationally.  

All our services are listed on 'Our Services' page.  We also send out a daily grants bulletin and produce a monthly Grants and Resources Database (details on 'Our Products' page). Our services are accessible, flexible and affordable and we're always available to offer advice and information on a pro bono basis. If you'd like GRIN to put a smile on your face, just complete the 'Ask for details' box on this page.

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